About Us

  • Hi, I’m Monica. Welcome to Good Fitness Day!
  • I started this site as a blog about 5 years ago to document training for my first marathon and food log. I struggled with my weight since I was a kid and needed accountability.
  • Aaaaand  – I was very scared to run a FULL MARATHON. But after running a few half marathons I knew I really wanted to try and go for it. 
  • So I figured Good Fitness Day would be a great way to keep me on track, motivated and document training for a full marathon. I just wanted to run ONE. I wasn’t sure if I could even do it!
  • *Spoiler Alert*
  • I DID IT!!
  • Then, I wondered, “Maybe I can do it a little faster…”
  • Speed up to today – – – I’ve run 60+ half marathons and 30+ full marathons!
  • Now I’m a RRCA Running Coach and Holistic Health Coach.
  • And that lil blog I started to document my training (the one you’re on now) grew an amazing following here and on social media. I started to get tons of questions, sponsored post offers, invites to media trips and more. Now it’s one of the top running websites and running podcasts!!
  • RUNNING CHANGED MY LIFE in so many amazing ways. 
  • I LOVE running and eating – and more importantly I love sharing my tips and tricks with you. I’m really happy you’re here. 
  • Scroll down to read about my running story. 

Email: admin@bestdatingnown.com